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          1. Response to "the Belt and Road", Win the Kazakhstan Tender

            Source:本站 Author:admin Update time:2017/5/6 10:39:40

            Kazakhstan first large diameter pipe manufacturer, which is CNPC involves to investment and construction--Asian Pipeline Limited Company held foundation ceremony on Almaty April 12, 2017. "The Belt and Road" energy cooperation add a new spotlight.

            This project located at Alakol Zone which is located at Almaty west-north part. The company was established in May 2016, predict finish in May 2018; the annual production capacity will be  100,000 tones.

            We langfang Dingsheng Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd repsonse to "The Belt and Road" focus on this project coating plant in 2013. After two years research and study, we received the «Kazakhstan large diameter spiral weld pipe production project coating plant» letter of acceptance on April 1, 2017!

            Minister Mr. Zhangzhanming and his team from BSG,  Manager Wanggang from CPTDC, Mr. Wangqiang, Mr. Zhang Zhanguo and Mr. He Zhiwei from CPE, during April 18 to 25 came to our factory and signed the Technical proposal!

            Contact us

              Langfang Dingsheng Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd






              Add:NO. 198, AI'MIN ST. EAST, LANGFANG,HEBEI, CHINA