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            Langfang Dingsheng Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd







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            Established in 1988, Langfang Dingsheng Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd, in synchronous development with the world's oil pipeline transportation and under the support of market and cooperative enterprises, has grown into a joint-stock collectivization enterprise, which the headquarter is located in langfang in China. Dingsheng Group has four subsidiaries, they are respectively Langfang Dingsheng Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd, Tianjin Xudong Dingsheng Pipeline Equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd ,Tianjin Xudong Dingsheng New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd and the United States Houston DSH SUN LLC.

            The company is mainly engaged in long-distance pipeline construction machinery equipment design and manufacturing, onshore pipeline anticorrosion coating line, submarine pipeline concrete weight coating line design and manufacturing; and foreign pipeline components, pipeline construction equipment, pipeline anticorrosion coating line, submarine pipeline concrete weight coating line sales and the new energy technology development, oil and gas equipment import and exports ,etc.

            Subordinate subsidiary Langfang Dingsheng Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional supporting enterprise which specialized in land pipeline anticorrosion coating line, submarine pipeline concrete weight coating line designing and manufacturing, now it covers an area of 35000 m2, and the registered capital is RMB 20 million.

            Tianjin Xudong Dingsheng Pipeline Equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. Is the biggest equipment completing base among the subordinate subsidiaries. It is located in Tianjin city and covers an area of 70,000 m2. The completed workshop area is 15000 m2 and registered capital is 100 million Yuan. It has been the largest pipe coating equipment R&D and manufacturing base, and we can finish the joint commissioning for a complete set of production line before delivery. The factory in the construction absorbs a multiple world frontier science and technology, and become the modern ecological energy-saving industrial area as a collection of scientific research, production and service. This project is completed will all use of environmental protection water source heat pump air conditioning system, with limited resources and minimum energy consumption to make economic and social benefit maximization. The main products of the company are: Reinforcing steel bar coating production line used in high iron construction; three layers of coating line in pipeline construction; double epoxy coating line; elbow and bend pipe double epoxy coating line and interior pipe friction reduction coating line; submarine pipe concrete weight coating line; internal and external pipeline joint coating equipment on site and pipeline construction large machinery.

            Subordinate Tianjin Xudong Dingsheng New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd located in Tianjin wuqing, registered capital is 60 million Yuan. This company is mainly engaged in the new energy technology development, oil and gas pipeline and equipment ,electrical automation, machinery spare parts manufacturing, installation and sales ,equipment import and exports ,etc.

            Subordinate United States Houston DSH SUN LLC is the equipment assembly base and sales window of the Group. We set up equipment assembly and storage base, in order to promote sales of our products and equipment leasing of pipeline equipment and corrosion/weight coating around the world. We can also take this as a platform to lease and sale China's relevant equipment, and become China's agent of domestic equipment manufacturers.

            Our company apply the development philosophy and core value, namely, Honesty, Harmony and Excellence, and has brought forward and determined the development object, namely, establishing our company to be the inland strongest pipeline new technology development base. It is a powerful guarantee on the objective put forward by us to carry out this philosophy and core value.

            Our methodology is to follow the technical requirements of our clients, to carry out the pipeline anticorrosion type replace design and innovation of the technology design, in design process to comply with the national and international standard and technical guidelines, to refer to technical skills and advanced technology from foreign references in the anticorrosion procedures, to propose a complete design and system integration and installation package. Our service ranging from single unit anticorrosion service and design, to a complete management of equipment & system integration, equipment & machinery design, deployment, installation, testing and management.

            The main products are as follows:

            1、3PE(PP)Pipeline anticorrosion line, specification (φ219 ~φ219), product standards: CSA Z245.21-2002 "Steel pipe polyethylene coating standard”

            2、Pipe external fusion bonded epoxy anticorrosion production line, specification (φ219 ~φ1422), product standards: CSA Z245.20-2002 "Steel pipe external fusion bonded epoxy coating standard”

            3、Pipe internal drag-reduction coating production line, specification (φ377 ~φ1422), product standards: APL RP 5 l2 (the third edition confirmed in 1994) “The corrosive gas transportation pipe internal coating recommendation”

            4、Submarine pipeline concrete weight coating production line, specification (φ426 ~φ1422), product standards: OFFSHORE STANDARD DNV—OS—F101 SUBMA—RINE PIPELINE SYSTEMS 2000 “Norwegian submarine pipeline system specifications”

            5、Large equipment for pipeline construction use, such as welding engineering vehicles, pipelayer, the mouthparts, pipe groove machine, recycling pipeline parallel, vertical sanding machine, etc.

            The company fully implements the principles of ISO9001 quality management system. In the production process we are in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9000 quality assurance system for production, and promise to provide high-quality products to the Party, and fully meet customer’s explicit and implicit requirements. In all aspects of product formed, we strictly control the quality by stages, developed a product design assessment, material procurement, inspection and testing, handling, storage, packaging, protection and delivery of a series of procedures, and strictly implement regulations of relevant international, China and enterprise standards.

            In the development of pipeline engineering construction in China and the world, under the high quality customer support, and with continuous development and innovation of modern technology, our company steps in the same pace with times to grasp opportunities to continuously improve our innovation and products subdivision abilities, strengthen our core competitiveness, open up the market, and devote ourselves to providing service for customers!

            Mission and Vision:


            Exhaust strength for pipeline construction in China

            Provide high-quality machine to the world energy development


            For the benefit of the customers, efforts to innovate